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re: Hellfire Mythic Progression


Iron Reaver Crushed



After a long time in the doldrums we took the decision to merge both our teams in order to facilitate a viable and consistent mythic team and get some much needed progression going again. Its been over 3 months since our first team downed Archi HC, but with Team 2 bridging the gap and item upgrades now available the time was ripe for some fresh kills. Additionally Dizzy has been doing some great work recruiting new members and I would like to welcome those of you to the mild insanity that is The Glomp,

Our first outing was last week and it couldn't have got off to a better start with a one-shot on Hellfire Assault. I stepped out of that particular fight but with the exception of a tank death right at the end it all seemed to go pretty smoothly. We trundled on in good spirits but Iron Reaver conspired to but a spanner in the works and we were having great difficulty surviving the onslaught of damage from Barrage, Bombs and Bloody Minded stupidity from all quarters, and it didn't help that I messed up some of tactical aspects. Despite this we did have a few good pulls, getting the boss to sub 15% but we couldn't seem to quite finish things off, with the transition from P2 back to P1 being a major problem.

On Monday we returned fresh and determined despite being a few players down from an ideal squad. Troc took over tanking from Zonan who is enjoying a Christmas break and we hauled in a couple of friends to make up the numbers. The first 3 or 4  pulls went much the same way as previous attempts but on the next attempt things seemed to fall into place (sort of).

Phase 1 went well with no unnecessary deaths and when the the boss went up he/she was sitting on about 40%. There was some good communication on P2 and all the bombs went down putting us in a great position entering P1 again. Things then got a bit wobbly as we tried to get back in position. Koliri and Praxus went down early, and just as we seemed to be stabilizing Dragon took a mouthful of Barrage to the face. We got him after a little delay but in the next Pound we lost both Ziza and Momo. With our dps a little cramped our hopes of getting the boss down before the next air phase were scuppered and at 10% the Reaver once again went airborne.

Things could have gone horribly wrong here but again good communication was the key and so despite being 4 dps down we managed to deal with the bombs efficiently. Things went horribly wrong on the transition again though with Troc getting killed almost immediately, swiftly followed by Blasphemy and Dizzy. This meant Ben had to solo tank the last 10% but against all expectations he actually managed it without fucking up. Truly a miracle. We stabilized once again and in a final flourish of dps and healing we had our 2nd Mythic boss. A big seasonal Gratz to all.



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