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re: Team2 - Siege of Orgrimmar - Normal CLEARED


We did it!



(ignore that skeleton, we're not sure where that came from...)


Cast (in order of importance):

Linnara - Mighty Heals and eye-candy

Innerbeast - Backup Heals

Loollz - Target Dummy

Dutchk - Token DK

Ziza - Legend

Pandrumma - Rogue ('nuff said)


Fendux - Backup Hunter

Cabeay - not sure what this guy does tbh...


We've been stuck on Mr Hellscream for a while, too long imo (not too fond of the Empowered Whirling Corruption... >.<), and messed about with different set-ups and tactics for most of our progression on Garrosh, not really getting too far whatever we did.


This week everything seemed to come together. Of course there were the few obligatory wipes at the start of the evening, people not grabbing the shield buff (and more importantly not letting the healers know that they hadn't!!! :p), standing in the bad, etc etc.

With Pandrumma lending a hand we stuck at it and managed to get all 10 players through the first Empowered Whirling Corruption, hitting 10% and the final phase just before another Mind Control bit. Hero popped, full nuke mode engaged, and with Dutchk assigned to run around and shout obscenities at the Minions that would be spawning soon so everyone else could sit on the boss. About 60s of "OMG WE MIGHT ACTUALLY DO IT!!" later Garrosh decided to fall over and give up his sweet sweet loots (none of which was useful for anyone...)


Many grats to all involved, especially me.


See you allnext week for some HC wipes! :D

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