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re: Zeros to Heroes SoO


2 New Bosses down for 02H




It was another good night in SoO for 02H. Having had some great fun on the Friday with Team 2 where we joined forces to down several bosses on 25 man we were able to jump straight back into the fray at Shamans. Normally this is a 2 tank / 3 heal fight but its not a fight I've ever felt comfortable on, There's just too much going on for my tiny tanking mind to handle. Fortunately Michaele has a tanking spec on his druid, and although this reduced us to only 2 healers we thought it a better option. With Mike and Louis tanking Kardris inside with Ithuwain healing and Ironmaw dpsing. Outside Jasirfir had the unenviable task of healing me, with Davina, Cocanium, Linktus and Gill bringing the deeps. Things went swimmingly well and in the space of a few pulls we had our first new Boss kill of the night.

Next we moved on to Nazgrim. As this is a 2 heal fight we kept Louis and Mike as tanks and I stepped out for Frostyflakes to bring some extra dps. I did step back in for one pull whilst Louis reset his computer and we had a very frustrating wipe at about 4%, and only because we took the boss to 10% just as the 10th wave was spawning, so we ended up with 2 sets of adds which quickly overwhelmed us. For the remainder of the attempts i was simply on standby. What was great to hear was how the team analysed each wipe and continually made progress throughout the evening. In the end it was inevitable that Nazgrim would fall and after only 4 or 5 wipes he did. Superb work and 02H continues to go from strength to strength. Look out Team 2. We're commin atcha. :)


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