HFC HC Progression

by Qem, 7 days ago

Fel Lord Zakuun HC

A bit late in posting this but gratz to all involved




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Back Up And Running

by Qem, 10 days ago

Current Progress


Things have been a bit slow of late with some of our raiders taking unscheduled breaks, and others taking advantage of the good weather to get much deserved tans on some far flung beaches. However the last week or so has seen a move in the right direction with a few more HC boss kills despite working with a reduced team. We've also managed to recruit a few new players who are fitting in well and although we could still use a few more players in the ranged department things are definitely looking up. Thanks to those who have stuck with it and heres to even more progress in the near future.


Shadowlord Iskar


Socrathar HC

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