Glomp + JD Highmaul

by Qem, 13 days ago

Current Progression

Just thought I'd Keep you all posted on our current progression in Highmaul. The team is really starting to come together now. There was a period when we needed to get to know each other and our differing raid styles but over the past few weeks The Glomp and Jane Doe Team has really started to gel. As of today we are sitting at 7/7 norm. 7/7 heroic. and 1/7 mythic although we're expecting to get Twin Ogron down any Day.

For your viewing pleasure i have our Mar'Gok HC kill. Pictures and music courtesy of Daarth. Enjoy!


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Welcome Back to WoD

by Qem, 18 days ago

Welcome Back to WoD

Well hello again everyone. Its been some time since i've posted on the forums and one could be forgiven for thinking that things were pretty quiet, but the reality is that its been anything but. With all the new content to explore and with sorting out and setting up raid teams in preparation for Mythics I've not really had much free time so I thought I'd take a few minutes to update you with whats been happening.

Vatican Assassins

Following some discussions at the end of MoP our main raiding group has teamed up with Rupture from Jane Doe. We've always had a good rapport the guys and gals from JD, and with all the difficulties associated with recruiting on a sparsely populated realm we felt this was the best option. Its still early days as we come to terms with each others raiding preferences, and we've decided to use Higmaul as a testing ground, but we've currently cleared all Normal and Heroic content and we're about to get our teeth stuck into Mythics. Yay.

Team 2

Ably lead by Brett and Cabeay T2 is making great strides into Heroic content and are already sitting at 6/7NM - 4/7HC. The team is keeping itself relatively small at the moment, sticking with the same setup as last x-pac, but it is gradually recruiting other players as it nears Mythic. Last weeks run saw 2 more new HC kills and i've posted them below for your viewing pleasure.


Our third raid team is yet to get up and running tho i'm hoping that will change over the next few weeks as i know there are many keen players out there. The main problem lies with both my commitments to the main raiding team, T2 and alt runs designed to gear ppl up quicky. With Naxx and Iron absent at the moment there's no one to take charge of organizing these runs, but over the next couple of weeks i'll be trying to put something in place to get the ball rolling.


Plans are already underway to revive our old Rated Battleground Team and there is a preliminary event in for this Friday to help people get geared. These truely we're great fun in MoP even if some of us (ahem.. me) weren't natural PvPers. But we still managed to get to a 1750 rating and we'll be hoping to repeat that performance and go beyond in this expac. If you are interested in joining please speak to either myself or Dom.


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